Michael Cubey: Painter

Painting is still here, despite it having been killed off many times since the 1840s. It may indeed be Undead, in which case you would really need to make sure you had the right bullets to finish the job, or cut off the head. But painting should acknowledge that while it is in a fitter state of health than the Bald Headed Art Men would like, it may well be irrelevant. And that can be a glorious and quite liberating place to be.
A.W Alabaster
Michael Cubey’s recent paintings revolve around the adventures of ‘the paintman’. This name may refer to the figures that have appeared more regularly in Cubey’s art over the last few years. These are literally men made out of thick layers of multi-coloured paint. The name may refer to Cubey himself, toiling away in his studio. For over 20 years, Cubey has pushed and tested the possibilities of a painterly practice. Read more
Aaron Lister